Hello!  I am Lauren Giuffré, a lifestyle photographer located in Boise, Idaho specializing in family, maternity, and newborn documentary photography.

Hi! I’m Lauren.

I’m wife to my best friend and mom to not one, but two wonderful and charming bright­-eyed little boys. I’m a portrait photographer living in Boise, Idaho. Let me tell you a little bit about why I love what I do and the type of photographer I am.

I’ve had an undeniable connection with photography for as long as I can remember. From going through hundreds of disposable cameras to developing a love for black + whites in high school film photography, you will always find me with some sort of camera within an arm’s reach. I’ve always been drawn to people. I find myself observing them, wondering about the story behind them. I want to hear the way they speak about life, details and love. What would they say about the things that matter most to them, past and present? 

Photography is so important to me. Documenting people as they are and telling their story naturally is what I strive for. I am not your typical photographer–I want to show you the beauty of imperfections and make you feel confident amidst the crazy. Maybe that means capturing that 'hopelessly in love' glance between a couple. Maybe it means snapping away as the contagious giggles from the baby ripple through the family. Whatever the scenario, the premise for me will always remain the same–show honest connection. 

Connection is a very beautiful and vulnerable thing. It is powerful and impossible to ignore. It is my fervent inclination to photograph people and moments as they are. When you are interacting with the people you love, you are your most attractive self. As your photographer, it is up to me to not only show what a moment looked like, but what it felt like. To be able to freeze a moment and make it tangible is a gift. It is a gift because life is made up of these moments. ­ The movement, the details, the expressions, the love. These moments tell a story. They tell your story.

By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others.
— Unknown