real, raw, authentic.

storytelling. it's my passion. it has evolved into a lifestyle where I can't imagine not documenting major milestones alongside the beautifully mundane. I like real. i like a bit messy and a bit imperfect because these honest moments and emotions between you and your loved ones make up your story. these moments are as fleeting as they are important. 

i believe photographs are one of the most important things we have in life. they hold your heritage, and they will be passed down for generations for your kid's kids to learn about who you were in the best stages of life. i'm able to observe and capture the essence of you - the genuine, true you. I'm able to capture the details that often go unnoticed, the love stories with your one and only, and the special moments with each child. 

so welcome to my little corner of the world - this place that encompasses my creative vision and showcases my ability to tell stories with authenticity and love - i'd be honored to tell yours. 


“i can't recommend Lauren enough! We had a family session with her and the images that she captured are so stunning that I can't believe that it's really us. She has such a talent and on top of that, she makes the entire session so much fun. She instantly puts you at ease and as she says, makes you feel like she's just along for a play date to take photos. The end result is AMAZING and I will cherish the pictures she took for a lifetime."


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“We had the amazing opportunity to have a family session with Lauren this last weekend, and the entire experience was absolutely perfect. From the very beginning of asking questions to getting to know us better, to the actual shoot where she made everything a breeze (she was a pro at getting our 1.5 year old to smile throughout the entire shoot!), and to the end of keeping us up to date on our photos. The outcome was more than I could have ever imagined. She captured the essence of our family and the love for our daughter in such a beautiful way, I am beyond amazed. I cannot wait to spread the word of her talented work and to continue to have her snap some shots of us again in the future! Thank you, Lauren for your hard work!"


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“I LOVE LAUREN! As long as she’s doing this, she’ll be our go-­to photographer for anything we want professionally done. I love her style and more importantly, I love working with her. She is easy to work with and can somehow get these perfect shots while we (the subjects) seem to just be having fun. Thank you Lauren!!!!!!"


“Lauren is amazing. She has a talent for making you feel super comfortable, almost forgetting she is there. At least until you see the amazing images she captures. Can't recommend her enough!"

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Hello!  I am Lauren Giuffré, a lifestyle photographer located in Boise, Idaho specializing in family, maternity, and newborn documentary photography.

Hi! I’m Lauren.

I’m wife to my best friend and mom to not one, but two wonderful and charming bright­-eyed little boys. I’m a portrait photographer living in Boise, Idaho. Let me tell you a little bit about why I love what I do and the type of photographer I am.

I’ve had an undeniable connection with photography for as long as I can remember. From going through hundreds of disposable cameras to developing a love for black + whites in high school film photography, you will always find me with some sort of camera within an arm’s reach. I’ve always been drawn to people. I find myself observing them, wondering about the story behind them. I want to hear the way they speak about life, details and love. What would they say about the things that matter most to them, past and present? 

Photography is so important to me. Documenting people as they are and telling their story naturally is what I strive for. I am not your typical photographer–I want to show you the beauty of imperfections and make you feel confident amidst the crazy. Maybe that means capturing that 'hopelessly in love' glance between a couple. Maybe it means snapping away as the contagious giggles from the baby ripple through the family. Whatever the scenario, the premise for me will always remain the same–show honest connection. 

Connection is a very beautiful and vulnerable thing. It is powerful and impossible to ignore. It is my fervent inclination to photograph people and moments as they are. When you are interacting with the people you love, you are your most attractive self. As your photographer, it is up to me to not only show what a moment looked like, but what it felt like. To be able to freeze a moment and make it tangible is a gift. It is a gift because life is made up of these moments. ­ The movement, the details, the expressions, the love. These moments tell a story. They tell your story.


“We just did a baby/family photo shoot with Lauren and we cannot express in words how in awe we are of how they turned out! First off, the day was a BLAST working with Lauren! She has such a great personality and made us feel totally comfortable and most importantly our 7 month old daughter totally comfortable. After receiving our pictures they were far more than ever expected and struck a chord on an emotional level that we had no idea they would. We felt like we were really seeing our family for the first time. She captured something so special and precious to us, showing us, as us! What an unbelievable experience!"

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